Sunday, 19 January 2014

The Problems With the Oscars

Hello Beautiful People,

The Oscar nominations come out last Thursday and each year, I find myself caring less and less about who is nominated and who actually wins. The Oscars used to inspire not only would be actors and actresses, but everyone in their living room used to feel connected  to the event. 

Below is an example of how Oscar Speeches used to be:

I love beautiful clothes but that is not what the Oscars are about. Its about the meeting of artistic minds in one room and stars remembering about their audiences who turn to the movies to be moved, to be inspired, to laugh, cry, learn and enjoy themselves. 2013 was a great year but please, lets hope that this year's Oscars doesn't look like like your annual end of year conference - where people are overdressed  and are only there because of the promise of free drinks. I like whoever wins, whether its Lupita, Fassbender, Streep- anyone to remember that the movies are about the dreams we all share.

Adulthood Awaits

Hi Beautiful People, 

am 24 years old and can no longer pretend not to be an adult. I look good but I don't look like Naomi because of stress,stress and even more STRESS because of bad money management!  

I AM £13000 IN DEBT. I have a bad social life, a job I don't love and leave in a city that I like but don't find inspiring. I get paid a decent salary but WASTE it on clothes.

New year means new resolutions and this year, I have no choice but to be financial responsible. I am going to get a part time job and use use the Envelope system to ensure that money is allocated for each activity or need and over spending is a definite NO. Join me on this journey as I attempt to be debt free by January 2015.  I am going to be very honest with my finances.

Each month, my income is £1900 (i have a very stressful job that pays OK for my age).

Save each month: £800
Invest each month: £200
Rent: £460
Mobile and gym: £80
Loans repayment: £310
Emergency Fund: £50

I am going to then get a part time job that should hopefully pay me between £200-£300 each month and this part time money will be used for my monthly personal expenses i.e. food, entertainment, clothes, transport etc.